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   Prescription drugs.

Prescription drugs are drugs that can be given out or purchased only with written instructions (these written instructions are known as a prescription) from a doctor to a pharmacist.

Drugs that are available without a prescription are know as over-the-counter drugs.

   Drugs online.

Drugs Online are drugs that cannot legally be purchased without a prescription drugs from a pharmacist.

These drugs online range from drugs only slightly stronger than what can be purchased dangerous controlled substances and over the counter to powerful.

Discover drugs online information from the AllRXGuide. Find prescriptions online information resources including:
- Warnings;
- Synonyms of drugs;
- Side effects;
- Interactions;
- Indications;
- Contraindications;

   Prescriptions online.

Prescriptions online may come in generic form or either brand name. The active ingredients of drugs are the same, and generics are typically much cheaper.

Not all prescriptions online are available in generic form.

   Prescription drugs online.

Prescription drugs online are a health-care programs implemented by a doctor in the online form of instructions that govern the plan of care for an individual patient.

Prescription drugs online may include online orders to be performed by:
- Therapist;
- Pharmacist;
- Nurse;
- Caretaker;
- A patient;
- A doctor;

The term prescription drugs online is used to mean an online order to take certain drugs.